children`s bouncy castle party`s

Looking for somewhere to hold a child`s party ?

Look no futher ... 

we hold bouncy castle  party`s

   saturday `s  and sunday`s  time`s  11.30am - 2.00 pm  or 2.30 pm - 5.30pm

what you get

*  use of the bouncy castle

* use of the disco ( more than welcome to bring your favourte cd`s )

* led flashing lights 

*  ride on toys 

We can also cater for your child`s party £2 a head

what you get

* chicken nuggets

* fishfingers

* sausages

* chips

* tomato sauce

* all plastic , plates , cups , knifes and forks

*  free jugs of blackcurrent  and orange  squash

take the hassle out of doing it yourself 




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